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John MacGlashan's Collection of Strathspey Reels

John MacGlashan, possibly brother of the better-known Alexander 'King' Macglashan, published A Collection of Strathspey Reels for the Piano Forte, Violin, or German Flute at Edinburgh in 1796.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (3.6MB).

Braes of Aldclune, The 6
Bridge of Crosk, The 6
Col Ferrier of the Scots Brigade's March & Quickstep10
High Road to Linton, The4
Honble Mrs Charteris's Strathspey, The1
Jenny's Bawbee2
Major McLean of 60th Regt Reel12
Miss Bartlet's Reel3
Miss Bridges Strathspey5
Miss Buchannan of Dullater's Strathspey12
Miss C Bartlets Strathspey6
Miss Campbell of Kilbride's Strathspey11
Miss Campbell of Shawfield's Strathspey7
Miss Campbell of Smiddy Green's Jigg13
Miss Campbell of Smiddy Green's Strathspey13
Miss Carmichaels' Strathspey2
Miss Corbett's Reel5
Miss Eleanora Campbell of Kilbride's Strathspey4
Miss Grant of Grant's Strathspey1
Miss Hamilton of Blandfield's Strathspey8
Miss Helen Grant's Reel3
Miss Jean Shireff's Reel3
Miss Johnston of Twickenham's Strathspey14
Miss Kirkwood's Strathspey1
Miss Louisa Drummond of Logiealmond's Delight4
Miss Margaret Gordon of Lesmore's Reel1
Miss Matilda Grant's Strathspey9
Miss Pearson of Kippenross Strathspey9
Miss Penuel Grant of Grant's Strathspey7
Miss Sally Bartlets Reel7
Miss Spens's Reel9
Miss Stewart of Garth's Reel12
Miss Williamson's Reel14
Miss Willison's Reel2
Mr A Jaffray's Strathspey2
Mr D Bridges Junrs Reel8
Mr P Robertson's Reel14
Mr P Shireff's Favorite5
Mrs A Macglashan's Jigg11
Mrs McLea's Farewell11
Mrs Stewart, Benchills Reel13