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Lowe's 1844 Collection

Joseph Lowe (1797 1866) came from a family of musicians and dancing teachers, and taught originally in Montrose and Brechin, but later established dancing schools in Inverness and Edinburgh, and also instructed members of the Royal family at Balmoral and Windsor.


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Allowa Kirk14
Ally Croker30
Archie Menzies22
Argyle Bowling Green, The19
Athole House110
Auld Wife Ayont the Fire, The55
Ayrshire Lasses40
Back of the Change House33
Bagpipe, The73
Because he was a Bonny Lad27
Ben Lomond32
Birks of Abergeldy93
Bob of Fettercairn, The15
Bobbers of Brechin, The115
Bog an Lochan86
Bonnie Lass of Ballantrae, The20
Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow, The89
Braes of Auchtertyre, The58
Braes of Balquhither, The23
Braes of Marr, The53
Brechin Castle24
Bridge of Brechin, The135
Bridge of Dee79
Bridge of Tilt125
Bridgeof Perth7
Brisk Bob81
Brown's Reel41
Ca' the Stirk frae out the Corn109
Caber Feidh18
Cadgers of the Canongate103
Callum Brougach134
Cameronians Rant45
Capt Campbell109
Capt Keeler66
Captn Byng13
Carle He Came O'er the Craft, The48
Castle Gordon72
Cawdor Fair11
Cease Your Funning112
Cheap Meal98
Chieftain's Frolic, The76
Chorus Jig, The33
Circus Reel69
Clyde Side Lasses62
Colonel McBain67
Corimonie's Rant52
Corn Cutters, The59
Countess of Sutherland, The47
Craigellachie Bridge51
Cut and Come Again106
Cut and Dry130
Cutty Sark14
Daft Willie Dawson12
Dainty Davie20
Dandie Dinmont87
Darling Annie118
Deil Amang the Tailors, The49
Delvin House41
Delvin Side37
Diamond, The138
Dogs Bite Chapmen98
Don Side35
Dougal Creature, The79
Drummer, The44
Duchess of Gordon, The30
Duchess Slipper22
Duke of Gordon's Birth Day, The103
Duke of Kent, The135
Duke of Perth's56
Duke of Sutherland, The47
Dumfries House34
Duncan Davidson99
Dunse Dings A'95
Earl Home61
Earl Marischal61
Earl of Lauderdale, The34
Favourite Bagpipe Jig96
Fife Hunt, The17
Fight about the Fire Side39
Fill the Stoup29
Fishers Rant, The83
Fisher's Wedding, The135
Flaggon, The16
Flora McDonald37
Forfar Hunt, The81
Fox Chase, The118
Francis Sitwell65
Fyket, The120
Garey Cottage45
General Graham91
General McDonald89
George the IV108
Gillan a Drover84
Gillie Callum26
Gin I had a Bonny Lass Little Sleep Wad Sair Me138
Glen Elg98
Glen Fishie7
Glenburnie Rant, The87
Glenlyon's Piper108
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself19
Gordon Castle116
Green Grow the Rashes15
Greig's Pipes75
Haggis, The59
Hamilton of Wishaw65
Hare Amang the Corn102
Haughs of Cromdale,The131
Heiress, The127
High Road to Linton, The49
Highland Donald Kiss'd Katie56
Highland Whisky27
Highlandman Kissed His Mother, The39
Highlands of Banffshire, The63
Hilton Lodge40
Honey Moon, The78
Hurdle Race, The74
I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Town46
I'll Make You be Fain to Follow Me58
Inverary Castle118
Inverness Lasses63
Irish Girl, The117
Irish Washerwoman, The83
Isle of Skye24
It's Bonny O'er the Hill The Night77
Jenny Dang the Weaver12
Jenny Nettles69
Jenny's Bawbee52
Jessie of Dumblane47
Jim Along Josey70
John Cheap the Chapman66
John Roy Stewart21
Johnny Galbraith57
Johnny Lad38
Johnny Pringle54
Johnny's Made a Wedding O't35
Keel Row, The119
Keep it Up105
Keep the Country Bonnie Lassie28
Kiss me Fast, my Minnie's Coming121
Kissing is Best of a'129
Kurcaldrum's Reel130
Lads of Dunse, The11
Lads of Tain, The53
Lady Amelia Murray124
Lady Ann Erskine133
Lady Ann Hope14
Lady Baird5
Lady Betty Cochrane133
Lady Binning26
Lady Caroline Montague133
Lady Charlotte Campbell137
Lady Charlotte Campbell13
Lady Davidson of Cantray76
Lady Doune93
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay64
Lady Harriet Hope46
Lady Home107
Lady Loudon17
Lady Lucy Ramsay18
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birth Day64
Lady Madelina Sinclair49
Lady Margaret Stewart81
Lady Mary Ramsay9
Lady Mary Stopford51
Lady McKenzie of Coull107
Lady Montgomerie64
Lady Nelly Wemyss27
Largo's Fairy Dance100
Lasses Like Nae Brandy120
Lasses of Stewarton, The99
Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie83
Lea Rig, The4
Lees of Luncartie, The56
Lennox Love to Blantyre93
Let That Stand There130
Light and Airy111
Link Him Doddie7
Little Pickle72
Loch Earn13
Locheill's Rant132
Look Behind You32
LOrd Alexander Gordon28
Lord Blantyre's94
Lord Dalhousie52
Lord Eglintoun's Auld Man53
Lord James Murray124
Lord Kelly67
Lord Kinnaird31
Lord Lyndoch101
Lord McDonald54
Lord Moira60
Lord Ramsay55
Lord Saltoun's117
Lord Seaforth103
Lowe's Reel97
Maid of Islay, The110
Major Molle42
Marchioness of Huntly, The71
Marquis of Huntly, The115
Marquis of Huntly's Farewell, The25
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The9
Marquis of Queensberry, The88
Marquis of Tullibardine, The25
Mary Gray36
McInroy of Lude126
McIntosh of McIntosh113
Meg Merrilees68
Merry Harriers, The105
Merry Lads of Ayr, The40
Mill Burn, The28
Minican, The126
Miss Agness Loudon112
Miss Baird of Saughton Hall136
Miss Campbell of Monzies90
Miss Charlotte Ann Lowe's92
Miss Charters114
Miss Drummond of Perth42
Miss Falconer42
Miss Gibson137
Miss Heron of Heron111
Miss Jane Fraser128
Miss Jessie Smith78
Miss Loudon112
Miss Maule57
Miss McKenzie of Applecross95
Miss McKenzie of Ness House78
Miss Nisbet134
Miss Trotter50
Miss Yearie Hay24
Money in Both POckets122
Mr Bernard110
Mr Eager's50
Mr Gray of Carse107
Mr James Trotter50
Mr Lumsden62
Mr Menzies of Culdare124
Mr Molison of Hillhead104
Mr William Davidson119
Mrs Adie65
Mrs Colonel Baillie of Red Castle127
Mrs Dundas of Arniston17
Mrs Garden of Troup21
Mrs Joseph Lowe's92
Mrs McDonald of Clanranald86
Mrs McDougal Grant136
Mrs McInroy of Lude126
Mrs McKenzie of Applecross95
Mrs McLeod of Elanreoch77
Mrs McLeod of Rasay116
Mrs McPherson of Cluny96
Mrs Wright132
Mullin Dhu, The119
Murphy Delaney113
Murray of Abercairney67
My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing123
Nathaniel Gow113
Neil Gow's Wife66
Ness House84
New Bob, The80
New Rigged Ship, The39
News from Cadiz91
Niel Gow4
Nine Pint Coggie, The87
North of the Grampians, The59
Northern Meeting, The127
O as I Was Kiss'd Yestreen43
O She's Comical72
O This is no my ain Lassie101
O'er Boggie wi' my Love19
O'er the Muir Amang the Heather82
Off She Goes77
Orange and Blue90
Original Index1
Pease Strae9
Perth Assembly, The20
Perthshire Hunt, The94
Perthshire Volunteers5
Petercan McOmish26
Petticoat's Loose, The138
Pool Reel, The104
Pretty Pegg32
Prince Charles131
Push about the Jorum128
Put On The Steam44
Queen's Landing, The
80_lowe_green.pdf" target="_blank">80
Rachel Rae8
Ranting Highlandman, The73
Reel o' Thulican3
Reel of Cluny, The96
Reticule, The61
Roaring Jelly31
Rocks of Cashel, The100
Rory McNab132
Rothiemurchus Rant88
Royal Recovery, The106
Sally Kelly 22
Salmon Tails up the Water97
Sanders Brane23
Sandy is my Darling43
Sandy O'er the Lea121
Scolding Wives of Abertarff, The114
Sheep Shanks117
She's Sweetest When She Smiles63
Sic a Wife as I Hae Gotten131
Simon Brodie104
Sir David Davidson of Cantray76
Sir David Hunter Blair60
Sleepy Maggy80
Smith's a Gallant Fireman, The125
Sodger Laddie36
Speed the Plough4
Squirrel, The74
Steer the Gill101
Stool of Repentance, The75
Struan Robertson's Rant38
Susie Brodie128
Swallow, The10
Sweet Molly37
Tam's Grey Mare85
The Auld Stewarts Back Again122
The Patriot46
Thorn Bush29
Thro' the Wood of Fyvie102
Through the Woods She Ran91
Timour the Tartar5
Title Page1
Tom's Highland Fling62
Trip to Skye102
Turning Lathe, The108
Tweeddale Club, The 18
Up and War Them A' Willie71
Urquhart Castle114
Wandering Tinker, The106
Warlocks, The85
Waterloo Reel70
Waverley Ball, The6
Welcome to your Feet Again41
When You've Hooked Him Hold Him Fast97
Whigs of Fife, The21
Whistle O'er the Lave O't129
Willie Davie68
Willie Duncan89
Willie Winkie92
Wind that Shakes the Barley8
Witches, The85
Yester House43

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