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The Surenne Collection

John Thomas Surenne, born London 1814, died Edinburgh 1878 was an organist, editor and composer, and was also described as "a man of refined taste and scholarly attainments, a sound musician and most courteous gentleman". He published a number of compositions and collections. The Dance Music of Scotland, published in 1851, consists entirely of reels and strathspeys, being 245 of the favourite dance tunes of his day.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (3.6MB).

An Fhir'Ghruaig61
Argyle Bowling Green, The36
As a Thoiseach67
Athole House35
Auld Stewart's Back Again, The38
Ayrshire Lasses, The13
Back of the Change-House, The12
Banks of Spey, The72
Ben Lomond37
Ben Nevis44
Black but Comely80
Boatman of Pitnacree, The25
Bobers o' Brechin, The81
Bonnie Annie58
Borlum's Rant71
Braes o' Tullymet, The7
Braes of Marr, The79
Brechin Castle3
Bridge of Bracklin, The36
Bridge of Perth, The26
Bridge of Turk, The37
Brodie House64
Brown's Reel19
Callum Shiarghlas63
Cameron's Wife62
Cameronian Rant, The40
Captain Byng50
Captain Keeler22
Captain Kennedy9
Captain MacDuff31
Captain Pringle of Yair47
Cawdor Fair41
Charlie Stuart5
Cheap Meal82
Circus, The65
Clydeside Lasses2
Colonel McBain4
Corimonie's Rant69
Countess of Elgin, The68
Countess of Haddington, The55
Countess of Loudon, The2
Countess of Sutherland, The10
Coutie's Wedding46
Cuttymun an' Treeladle77
Daintie Davie52
Dalkeith House42
Deil Amang the Tailors, The15
Delvin House49
Delvin Side54
Diamond, The24
Don Side67
Donald Dow23
Drummer, The9
Duchess of Athole, The35
Duchess of Gordon, The12
Duchess of Gordon, The31
Duchess of Hamilton, The61
Duchess of Manchester, The79
Duchess of Roxburghe, The1
Duilater House19
Duke of Gordon's Birth-day, The20
Duke of Perth, The13
Duke of Roxburghe, The21
Dunrobin Castle55
Dunse Dings A'50
Earl Marischal34
Earl of Breadalbane's Hermitage, The54
Earl of Dalkeith, The76
Earl of Eglinton, The66
Earl of Loudon, The71
Fair Fa' the Minstrel17
Fife Hunt, The10
Fight About the Fireside16
Fill the Stoup26
Fisher's Wedding, The57
Floors Castle60
Fox Chase, The45
Fyket, The38
Gathering, The7
General Wemyss48
Gillie Callum70
Glasgow Lasses, The57
Glen Lyon81
Harvest Home73
Haughs of Cromdale, The57
High Road to Linton, The6
Highland Fling6
Highland Skip, The56
Highland Whisky75
Highlandman, The19
Hilton Lodge49
Honourable Captain Maitland, The24
Honourable Colonel Wemyss, The79
Honourable Miss Charteris, The53
I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun29
Isle of Skye, The8
Jenny Dang the Weaver14
Jockey Latin48
John Cheap the Chapman18
John Roy Stewart66
John Stewart34
Johnnie Made a Wedding O't69
Johnnie's Friends are Ne'er Pleased11
Keel Row, The73
Keep it Up67
Kirn, The73
Lady Ann Stewart38
Lady Baird72
Lady Betty Boyle35
Lady Binning22
Lady Charlotte Campbell Reel43
Lady Charlotte Campbell Strathspey43
Lady Charlotte Campbell Strathspey16
Lady Doune27
Lady Dumfries23
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay30
Lady Grace Douglas53
Lady Gwydyr81
Lady Harriet Hope17
Lady Lucy Ramsay33
Lady MacKenzie of Coul78
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday18
Lady Madelina Sinclair21
Lady Margaret Stewart54
Lady Mary Dundas52
Lady Mary Ramsay14
Lady Mary Stopford20
Lady Montgomery3
Lady Shaftesbury8
Lady Susan Harriet Ker63
Lamberton Races51
Lass of Ballantrae, The27
Lennox Love to Blantyre2
Lieutenant Colonel Baillie of Leys82
Loch Earn13
Lord Alexander Gordon59
Lord Dalhousie7
Lord Doune53
Lord Kelly74
Lord Macdonald43
Lord Macdonald (Old Set)59
Lord Moira83
Lord Ramsay29
Lord Seaforth41
Marquis of Beaumont, The41
Marquis of Hastings, The83
Marquis of Huntly, The (Highland Fling)6
Marquis of Huntly, The19
Marquis of Huntly's Farewell, The25
Marquis of Tullybardine, The58
Marry Ketty60
Mart Do Chro Ďa Mheinanich17
Mary Gray62
Mason's Apron, The12
Master Frances Sitwell9
McFarlane Rant, The22
Merry Lads of Ayr4
Merry Lads of Foss, The77
Miller of Drone, TheX26.pdf" target="_blank">26
Miss Ann Stewart56
Miss Baird of Saughton Hall52
Miss Charlotte Ross47
Miss Charlotte Stewart40
Miss Douglas60
Miss Drummond of Perth15
Miss Dumbreck25
Miss Flora McDonald15
Miss Forbes51
Miss Georgina Scott76
Miss Gibson8
Miss Grieve of Howdan58
Miss Hamilton of Bangowr55
Miss Hope42
Miss Hopkins27
Miss Jane Stewart74
Miss Jessie Stewart28
Miss Johnston33
Miss Lyall70
Miss Mary Anne Robertson65
Miss Maule of Panmure49
Miss Nisbet of Dirleton48
Miss Ramsay61
Miss Ritchie63
Miss Rose of Tarlogie80
Miss Stewart of Garth75
Miss Wedderburn39
Miss Whiteford28
Monro's Rant80
Mr Menzies of Culdares75
Mr Moray of Abercairney74
Mr Robertson of Lude77
Mrs Adye28
Mrs Alexander Brodie82
Mrs Baird of Newbyth76
Mrs Compton of Carham-Hall44
Mrs Drummond of Logiealmond78
Mrs Garden of Troup10
Mrs MacDonald of Clanranald78
Mrs Macleod of Rasay6
Mrs Moray of Abercairney68
Mrs Rachel Gibson47
Mrs Robertson of Alexandria65
Mrs Scott Moncrieff62
Mrs Wilson71
Mullin Dhu, The70
Neil Gow's Wife18
New Christmas14
Niel Gow's RecoveryX56.pdf" target="_blank">56
Niel Gow11
Nine Pint Coggie, The67
North Bridge of Edinburgh, The36
O But Ye Be Merry39
O Mither, Ony Bodie but the Duddy Blacksmith59
O She's ComicalX39.pdf" target="_blank">39
Old Man, The37
Ossian's Hall68
Panmure House70
Parks of Fochabers, The23
Pease Strae59
Perthshire Hunt, The32
Pirriwig, The61
Pretty Pegg44
Rachel Rae73
Ratha Fair3
Reel of Bogie, The24
Reel of Thulichan (Tulloch), The46
Reticule, The30
Rory MacNab72
Royal Recovery, The17
Sally Kelly11
Sanders Brane40
Sandy O'er the Lea45
Sir Alexander Don51
Sir David Hunter Blair5
Sir George MacKenzie of Coul69
Sir Ronald McDonald66
Sleepy Maggie32
Stewarts' Rant, The31
Struan Robertson's Rant32
Taymouth Castle46
Thro' the Wood of Favie33
Thro' the Wood She Ran30
Torry Burn16
Whigs of Fife, The64
Willie Winkie34
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The21
Yetts of Muckhart64