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The Riddell collection

JOHN RIDDELL, Fiddler/Composer, Ayr (1718-95) published his Collection of Scots Reels, Minuets etc c. 1766 and a 2nd Edition, "Greatly Improved" in 1782


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (1.7MB).

Countess of Percy's Reel, The17
Bargenny's Bowling Green31
Bonny Banks of Clyde, The37
Bonny Braes of Skelmorly, The30
Bonny Green of Glasgow, The24
Capt Cuningham of Auchinskeigh's Reel27
Capt Cuningham of Corsehill's Reel9
Coll. Cathcart's Reel41
Colonel Montgomerie's Welcome Hame13
Countess of Dumfries Junrs. Reel, The(Ger. Flute)41
Countess of Dumfries Junrs. Reel, The35
David Earl of Cassils Reel14
Dutchess of Gordon's Reel, The11
Dutchess of Hamilton's Minuet, The6
Fair Field House7
Finlayston House (Ger. Flute)32
Finlayston House37
High Way to Greenvale, The24
High Way to Newfield, The7
Highway to Bourtrie Hill, The28
Highway to Coilsfield,The11
Highway to Colain, The12
Highway to Craigie House, The21
Highway to Eglintoune,The18
House of Rew, The30
Lady Ann Hamilton's Reel20
Lady Balcarras's Reel38
Lady Cathcart of Earlston's Reel14
Lady Crawfurd's Reel23
Lady Dumfries's Minuet1
Lady Dumfries's Reel29
Lady Eglintoune's Reel (Ger. Flute)28
Lady Eglintoune's Reel27
Lady Glencairn's Minuet3
Lady Helen Dalrymple's New Reel15
Lady Mary Lindsay's Reel22
Lady Maxwell of Monreath's Reel21
Lady Wallace's Reel10
Lady Whiteford's Reel26
LadyCrawford's Minuet1
Lord Cassill's Reel33
Lord Cassils Jigg9
Lord Dumfries's Bridge23
Lord Dumfries's Bowling Green10
Lord Eglintoune's Reel (Ger. Flute)25
Lord Eglintoune's Reel22
Lord Garlie's Reel12
Lord Kilmaur's Reel8
Merry Lads of Ayr, The6
Miss Bell Kennedy's Reel39
Miss Betty Cathcart's Reel33
Miss Charlotte Ker's Minuet5
Miss Eleanora Hamilton's Reel35
Miss Eleanora Ker's Reel34
Miss Erskine of Barjarg's Reel35
Miss Ferguson of Kilkerran's Reel27
Miss Fullarton's Minuet6
Miss Grizie Kennedy's Reel36
Miss Hamilton of Sundrum's Reel34
Miss Jenny Duff's Reel16
Miss Katty Maxwell's Reel (Ger. Flute)41
Miss Katty Maxwell's Reel20
Miss Katty Montgomerie's Minuet 4
Miss Lillie Ritchie's Reel24
Miss McQueir's Reel16
Miss McQuier's Reel (Ger. Flute)18
Miss Nancy Kennedy's Reel32
Miss Nelly Ferguson's Reel29
Miss Nelly Kennedy's Reel25
Miss Peggy Montgomerie's Hornpipe36
Miss Whiteford's Reel39
Mr Alexr Montgomerie's Reel40
Mr Crawford of Ardmillan's Reel8
Mr Hamilton of Bargenny's Minuet4
Mrs Arnot's Reel41
Mrs Crawfurd of Ardmillans Reel13
Mrs Crawfurd of Doneside's Minuet3
Mrs Crawfurd of Doneside's Reel17
Mrs Cuningham of Corsehill's Reel14
Mrs Dalrymple of Orangefield's Reel28
Mrs Fullarton of Fullarton's Reel15
Mrs Fullarton of Rosemount's Reel32
Mrs Fulllarton of Fullarton's Minuet2
Mrs Hamilton of Bargenny's Reel29
Mrs Hamilton of Sundrum's Minuet2
Mrs Hamilton of Sundrum's Reel33
Mrs Hunter's Reel19
Mrs Kennedy of Dunure's Reel30
Mrs Kennedy of Greenan's Reel40
Mrs McAdam of Craigengillan's Reel31
Mrs McGhies Reel19
Mrs Montgomery of Coilsfield's Reel26
Mrs Ritchie's Reel7
Parks of Dunlop, The20
Pippingo Reel, The25
Sr. Adam Ferguson's Reel9
Troon House, The38
Wm. Cathcart's Reel18
Woods of Bargenny, The21