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The John Morison Collection

John Morison, Fiddler/Composer, Peterhead (1772-1848) published A Collection of New Strathspey Reels, with a few favourite Marches in Edinburgh c. 1797.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here.

Fetteresso House3
Fraserbrugh Volunteers March19
Inverugie Castle17
John Morison's Compliments to Mr Nathaniel Gow3
Lady Abercromby's Strathspey12
Lady Inverury's Reel7
Leut. Whitefoord Bell's March21
Lewt. George Ray's March20
Miss Ann Davidson's Jig10
Miss Barbara Argo's Jig8
Miss Eliza Forsyth's Strathspey6
Miss Grace Abercromby of Birkenbog's Strathspey11
Miss Isabella Ellis's Jig9
Miss Isabella Hutchison's Jig 2
Miss Jessie Dun's Strathspey8
Miss Jessie Rose's Strathspey4
Miss Juliet Morison (of Fetteresso's) Strathspey 1
Miss Margett Davidson's Strathspey3
Miss Margret McIntosh's Jig4
Miss Margrett Dalrymple's Jig15
Miss Margrett Skelton's Jig11
Miss Mary Duff of Hathorn's Jig14
Miss Mary Johnston's Strathspey16
Miss Mary Ogston's Strathspey15
Miss Nicholas Arbuthnot's Jig6
Morison's Fancy17
Mr Barclay Dun's Hornpipe9
Mr David Dun's Hornpipe16
Mr David Dun's Strathspey9
Mr Duff (of Fetteresso's) Birthday 1
Mr Duff (of Fetteresso's) Strathspey 2
Mr Dun's Favourite13
Mr George Gordon's Strathspey10
Mr Robert Gordon's Reel5
Mr William Kilman's Strathspey5
Mrs Baillie Cooper's Strathspey16
Mrs Bisset's Strathspey7
Mrs Duff (of Fetteresso's) Birthday6
Mrs Duff (of Fetteresso's) Strathspey 1
Mrs General Hay's Strathspey8
Mrs Gordon of Pitlurg's Strathspey11
Mrs Ramsay (of Invernettie Lodge's) Strathspey 2
Mrs Sim's Strathspey5
Mrs Thom's Favourite14
Peterhead Artillery Volunteers March22
Peterhead Assembly4
Peterhead Bath15
Peterhead Ladies Strathspey13
Peterhead Volunteers March18
Quick Step18
Quick Step19
Quick Step20
Quick Step22
Quick Step23
Stonehaven Assembly7
The Honble Mrs Gray's Strathspey10
The New Pier of Peterhead14
The Stonehaven Volunteers March23
Udny Academy12