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The Mclaren collection

Daniel McLaren, Fiddler-Composer, Taymouth, Perthshire, published his Collection of Strathspey Reels, etc, at Edinburgh in 1794.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (1.1MB).

Bodachan a Garidh16
Bonny Lass wi' the Tocher, The16
Capt Jas Robertson 76th Regts Reel10
Circus Reel, The11
Dalnaglare's Rant18
Earl of Bradalbane's Delight, The9
Honble George Carnegie's Strathspey5
Irish Air, An12
It Winna Do6
Lady Mary Ann Carnegie's Favourite8
Miss Amelia Clarke's Strathspey14
Miss Charles Murray's Reel8
Miss Douglas's Favourite7
Miss Farquarson Baldovie's Delight21
Miss Geddes's Reel21
Miss Glen's Strathspey15
Miss Gordon of Lesmore's Strathspey11
Miss Grant's Favourite1
Miss Grant's Strathspey1
Miss J Somervell's Favourite Strathspey12
Miss Jenny Lindsay's Strathspey4
Miss Jessy Stewart's Jigg15
Miss Louisa Drummond Logiealmond's Reel22
Miss Macdonald Kinlochmoidart's Favourite17
Miss Margaret McGregor's Favourite4
Miss Mary Ann Johnston's Strathspey5
Miss N Watson's Strathspey11
Miss Sally Bartletts Jigg7
Moss House, Logiealmond, The22
Mr Alexr Mitchel, Craigs Reel21
Mr Biggar's Favourite7
Tuath is Deas7
Mr Clark's Favourite8
Mr Foote's Favourite16
Mr George Newton's Jig5
Mr Hugh Gray's Strathspey12
Mr Hunter's Reel20
Mr J Aitken's Fancy10
Mr Jo Reid's Reel3
Mr John Smith's Strathspey20
Mr Johnston Grant's Strathspey16
Mr Lindsay's Reel17
Mr McGhie's Strathspey6
Mr Miller's Strathspey9
Mr Nairne's Strathspey20
Mr Robertson's Strathspey12
Mr Saml. Hepburn's Farewell6
Mr Walter Biggar's Strathspey13
Mr Watts Strathspey14
Mr Will's Favourite18
Mrs Kepling's Strathspey4
Mrs Walter Biggar's StrathspeyX3.pdf" target="_blank">3
North Fencibles9
Rakes of Kilkenny, The
14.pdf" target="_blank">14
Reel of Tulloch2
Rose Tree, The19
Sandie O'er The Lee13
Willy Winkys Testament10