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The McKercher Collections

Duncan McKercher (1796 - 1873), Fiddler/Composer of Inver, Perthshire, published his Collections in about 1830. There appear to be 3 collections, all published together, but here we have just the 2nd and 3rd, plus a few tunes which were in manuscript form.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here.

Alexander Stewart Esqr of Glencrepisdle's Strathspey43
Archd Butter Esqr of Pitclochrie's Reel14
Braes of Rannoch, The45
Broughton Invincibles, The22
Chesthill House11
Chesthill's Favorite Air16
Col E Wildman's Quick Step39
Col Sir Robert H Dick's March31
Countess of Beadalbane's Jig, The16
Countess of Wemyss. Reel, The7
Countess of Wemyss' Reel, The33
David Stewart Irvin Esqr's Reel43
Donald Robertson Esqr's Strathspey37
Dr Irvine's Strathspey31
Drunken Wife, The20
Duchess of Buccleugh's Reel, The2
Duchess of Buccleugh's Reel, The40
Duchess of Gordon's Strathspey38
Fascally House7
Faskally House23
Foss' Recovery Strathspey41
Foss' Recovery3
Foss's Lament42
George Robertson Esqr's Strathspey36
Gillie Callum daphein35
Henry B Stewart, Esqr of Balnakellie's Reel30
His Grace the Duke of Buccleugh's Strathspey32
His Grace The Duke of Buccleugh's Strathspey5
His Majesty's Welcome to Scotland17
His Majesty's Welcome to Scotland44
Hon Mrs Maule's Medley, The26
Honble Capt James Murray's Quickstep, The46
Honble Fox Maule's Favorite, The 36
Honble George Murray, The28
Honble James Murray, The45
J R Findlater's Medley45
James Freguson Esqr W.S.'s Reelxx19.pdf" target="_blank">19
James Robertson esqr's Strathspey29
John Menzies Esqr of Chesthill's Strathspey15
Lady Charlotte Fletcher of Saltoun40
Lady Elcho's Medley1
Lady Elcho's Medley34
Lady Elizabeth Campbell's Reel22
Lady Elizabeth Pringle's Reel35
Lady Glenlyon's Strathspey46
Lady Glenorchy's Reel22
Lady Harriet Suttie's Strathspey32
Lady Harriet Suttie's Strathspey4
Lady Menzies of Castle Menzies' Medley13
Lady Stormont's Strathspey2
Lady Stormont's Strathspey40
LadyEleanor Campbell of Shawfield's Reel5
Lieut A Stewart 94th Regt's Reel14
Lord Elcho's March10
Lord Elcho's March39
Marchioness of Breadalbane's Reel, The35
Marchioness of Tweedale28
Merry at the Fair20
Miss Alston Stewart of Urrard's Reel28
Miss Amelia Menzies' Reel9
Miss Amelia Stewart Menzies' Reel12
Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's Reel27
Miss Chisholm's Strathspey11
Miss Eliza Robinson's Reel, Banff38
Miss Elizabeth Flemyng's Strathspey21
Miss Flemyng's Reel18
Miss Gibson's Strathspey29
Miss Irvine's Reel3
Miss Irvine's Reel41
Miss M McL Menzies' Reel14
Miss Margaret Stewart Menzies' Reel3
Miss Margaret Thomson's Strathspey15
Miss Menzies of Culdares' Reel9
Miss Menzies of Menzies' Reel15
Miss Stewart of Foss' Reel18
Miss Stewart's Strathspey, Glenlyon House11
Miss Swanson's Strathspey18
Mr Alexander Irvine's Strathspey19
Mr Butter's Favorite35
Mr Charles Gibson, Pitlochry's Strathspey30
Mr Flemyng's Reel21
Mr James Dallas' Strathspey8
Mr MacCulloch's Strathspey12
Mr R Menzies' Strathspey20
Mr Robert Bissit's Strathspey19
Mr Sharp's Strathspey17
Mr Sharp's Strathspey44
Mrs Burn Callender's Reel37
Mrs Butter of Faskally's Medley26
Mrs Butters' Reel5
Mrs Condie's Reel34
Mrs DR Forbes' Reel33
Mrs Dr Forbes' Reel7
Mrs Glass6
Mrs Irvine's Reel41
Mrs McInroy, Lude's Reel30
Mrs Menzies's, Dunkeld, Reel43
Mrs Pender's Strathspey, Edinburgh12
Mrs Richardson Pitfour's Reel36
Mrs Robertson6
Mrs Stewart Allean's Reel8
Mrs Stewart of Foss' Strathspey9
Queen's Welcome to Athole, The45
Right Honble Lord Elcho, The32
Right Honble Lord Elcho, The4
Right Honble Lord John Scott, The42
Samuel Ferguson Esqr's Reel44
Sir Neil Menzies Bart's Strathspey8
Smith of Killechassie, The21
Willm. Swanson Esqr's Reel16