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The Mackintosh Collections

Robert Mackintosh's four collections of 1783-1803 reprinted in a single volume by Highland Music Trust 2002.

"Red Rob", born in Tulliemet, Perthshire c.1745, has long been recognised as one of our foremost composers of Scottish dance music. The work contains over 350 tunes, about three-quarters of them original compositions of Mackintosh, the others being his arrangements of and variations on existing tunes.

While most of the pieces are strathspeys, reels, jigs etc., there are also some items of "drawing room music" – minuets, gavottes and others – reflecting Mackintosh’s membership of the orchestra of Edinburgh Musical Society. The four collections have been reproduced in their entirety, with a minimum of editorial interference, in order to provide an accurate point of reference to the composer’s work. The music has, however, been reprinted in clear type and set out in a reader-friendly way.

The book contains an introduction by Charles Gore.

There are 167 pages, and the book is available in soft cover and also in a limited edition case-bound version (200 copies only).

Soft cover - £15
Hard cover - £20
Postage and packing is calculated when ordering.

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