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The Abraham Mackintosh Collections

Abraham Mackintosh (or Mackintosh), born 1769, son of the great composer Robert Mackintosh, published "Thirty New Strathspey Reels etc..." composed by him, at Edinburgh c. 1792. A second edition "with additions by the Publishers" includes tunes not composed by him. His 3rd book is "A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs etc...Selected and Composed by Abraham Mackintosh, Teacher of Dancing, Newcastle -upon- Tyne"


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (2.5MB).

Aberdeen Races7
Aitken's Reel7
Beautifull Town of Glasgow, The18
Bonny Annie41
Bonny Lass of Fisher-Row39
Bonny Pit Laddie, The59
Braes of Auchtertyre, The31
Braes of Marr, The47
Braes of Tullymet, The17
Bridge of Craigie, The16
Bridge of Dee, The5
Bridge of Perth55
Campbell's Reel25
Capper Fey15
Capt Hood's Quick March59
Capt McDuff's Farewell to the Parliament House3
Captain Keller's Reel12
Captain Oakhain48
Col Campbell's Reel24
Col Macbain's Reel30
Col MacKay's Strathspey & Jigg32
Col Ridley's Quick March53
College of St Andrews, The6
Countess of Lauderdale's Reel50
Duke of Cumberland's Reel, The15
Duke of Gordon's Birth Day, The24
Dunse Castle1
Favorite Dance, A14
Favorite Irish Quick March, A58
Fight About the Fire Side40
Fox, The14
Gather and Go to Charlie59
Geary Owen45
Gen Campbell's Strathspey & Jigg27
Glasgow Ladies28
Go to the D---- and Shake Yourself38
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself11
Gordon Bank House4
Grant's Strathspey16
Highland Watch's Farewell, The26
I Winna Gang to my Bed47
I'll Make You Fain to Follow Me40
Jack's Alive46
Jenny Cameron's Reel13
Keel Row55
Kelo House8
Kempshot Hunt54
Lady Ann Gordon's Reel47
Lady Betty Cochran's Strathspey25
Lady Elphinston's Reel20
Lady Lucy Ramsay's Strathspey28
Lady Mary Ramsay's Favorite35
Lady Maxwell's Reel28
Lass and the Money's All My Own, The52
Lick the Laddle Sandie53
Lieut Col Ibbetson's Quick March56
Little Peggy's Love34
Lochail's Away to France41
Lord Elcho's Reel38
Lord Kelly's Reel12
Madam Frederick's Strathspey51
Major Hedley's Quick March58
Manderston House1
Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey & Jigg, The29
Merry Dancers, The43
Miller's Daughter, The50
Miss Ann Carnegie of Southesk's Reel19
Miss Ann Lothian's Strathspey48
Miss Annie Watson's Reel9
Miss Aubone Surtees Favorite46
Miss Bigg of Benton's Strathspey55
Miss Brandling of Gosforth's Reel53
Miss Bulman of Cox Lodge's Reel57
Miss Campbell Jura's Reel20
Miss Campbell's Reel32
Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure57
Miss Charles Hamilton Scott's Jigg3
Miss Charlotte Grey of Backworth's Reel41
Miss Cruden's Reel2
Miss Dalrymple's Reel20
Miss Drysdale's Favorite Reel11
Miss Dunlop's Reel20
Miss Elizabeth Copland's Strathspey22
Miss Graham Clarke's Strathspey46
Miss Gunning's Reel23
Miss Hanny of Bugally's Reel49
Miss Hood's Strathspey54
Miss Hurry's Strathspey41
Miss Ibbitson of St Anthon's Reel39
Miss Jane Brown of Benton's Reel48
Miss Jane Carnegie of Southesk's Strathspey19
Miss Jane Sharp of Heddon's Reel51
Miss Jessie Scales Hornpipe10
Miss Jessy Miller's Reel28
Miss Leslie of Berryden's Strathspey10
Miss Loraine of Kirkharle's Reel43
Miss Margaret Ewing's Strathspey33
Miss Mary Gray of Backworth's Strathspey46
Miss Mary Lee's Delight2
Miss Mary Murray's Reel2
Miss Maxwell's Reel45
Miss Murray's Reel19
Miss Murray's Strathspey43
Miss Parker's Reel51
Miss Proud's Reel45
Miss Reay of Killingworth's Favorite57
Miss Rickaby's Reel42
Miss Ridley of Blagdon's Strathspey34
Miss Stewart's Fancy54
Miss Stewart's Strathspey10
Miss Swinton's Strathspey24
Miss Vardy's Reel44
Miss Vearie Hay's Reel14
Miss Wallace's Reel & Jigg18
Miss Wedderburn's Reel & Jigg21
Miss Wellwood's Fancy33
Moll in the Wad11
Moll in the Wadd44
Mordington House6
Mornington House42
Mr Duncan's Delight3
Mr Hanny of Bargaly's Reel9
Mr Lauder's Strathspey7
Mr Murray's Strathspey25
Mr Stewart's Reel8
Mrs Anderson of Balgay's Reel5
Mrs Duncan's Strathspey36
Mrs Garden of Troup's Strathspey36
Mrs George Forshaw's Strathspey37
Mrs Laird of Strathmartin's Strathspey9
Mrs Major Hedley's Reel34
Mrs Margaret Greirson's Reel35
Mrs Menzies of Culdare's Reel6
Mrs Ord of Fenham's Reel36
Mrs Sharpe of Hoddom's Favorite50
New Rigged Ship, The40
New Tyne Bridge, The42
Newcastle Bridge1
NewYears Day35
Peace and Plenty49
Pease Bridge4
Perthshire Hunt53
Push About the Jorum44
Rothemurchue's Rant39
Sailors All at the Bar49
Sally Kelly37
Sir Archd Campbell's Jigg17
Sir James Campbell's Strathspey & Jigg30
Sir John Maxwell's Strathspey22
Speed the Plough52
Spring Field8
Sweet Bells of Glasgow, The18
Tom Thumb52
Wedderburn House4
Whigs of Fife23
Witches Hill, The5