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The Macintyre Collections

Duncan Macintyre (c1767-c1807) appears to have originated in Perthshire, and may have been acquainted with the Gow family, for they published some of his compositions. He went to live in London and described himself as a Teacher of Scotch Dancing. He published his Collection of his own tunes in London in 1794.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (1MB).

Baron De Steins Cotllion22
Capt Robert Grant's Reel25
Capt. Campbell's Reel35
Captn. Campbell of Blythswood's Favourite32
Doncaster Races13
Honble Miss Elphinstone's Fancy, The 2
Honble Miss Elphinstone's Reel, The2
Honble Miss Keith Elphinstone's Favourite, The5
Honble Miss Mackinzie Elphinstone's Favourite, The18
Honble Miss Stuart, Blantyre's Strathspey18
Lady Agnes Percy's Hornpipe38
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Strathspey1
Lady Charlotte Percy's Scotch Measure7
Lady Frances Somerset's Reel24
Lieut Col Lumsten's Reel23
Lieut. Grant of the 10th Foot's Strathspey16
Lord Elphinstone's Strathspey25
Lord Fyne Side3
Lord John Campbell's Reel1
Marquiss of Lorn's Strathspey, The37
Miss Balcetti's Reel14
Miss Burbridge's Fancy17
Miss C Elphinstone's Strathspey14
Miss Campbell Silver Craigs Reel5
Miss Charlotte Cox's Fancy21
Miss Clavering's Fancy16
Miss Cox's Favourite17
Miss Cumming's Strathspey34
Miss Dawson's Jig40
Miss Downie's Strathspey41
Miss Elliot's Favourite10
Miss Fogg's Fancy7
Miss Grace Grant's Reel9
Miss Graham of Inveraray's Reel40
Miss Hallifax's Favourite20
Miss Haswall's Favourite35
Miss Jane D Grant's Favourite9
Miss Leslies Fancy33
Miss Macintosh's Favourite29
Miss Macintosh's Jigg29
Miss Macintosh's Reel29
Miss MacWhinnie's Favourite24
Miss Margaret Grants Reel10
Miss Paterson's Reel28
Miss Primrose Elphinstone's Strathspey, The11
Miss Purse's Jig4
Miss Rose's Jig36
Miss Ross's Jig39
Miss Stewart's Jig38
Miss Susan Elliot's Reel8
Miss Todd's Strathspey32
Mr A MacWhinnie's Reel39
Mr A Purse's Reel15
Mr Berry's Reel12
Mr I Rose's Strathspey37
Mr Macintyre of Glenoe's Strathspey36
Mr Moore's Strathspey6
Mr Robinson's Jig12
Mr Strang of Lapness's Reel19
Mr Work's Reel13
Mrs Davidson's Reel27
Mrs Donaldson's Strathspey19
Mrs Gow's Strathspey31
Mrs Haswall, Inverarays Strathspey20
Mrs J Grants Strathspey8
Mrs J Rose's Fancy26
Mrs Jas Erskine of Kirkwall's Reel3
Mrs Linley's Reel21
Mrs Macintosh of Blackheath's Reel28
Mrs Macintyre's Strathspey27
Mrs Ramsay of Barnton's Strathspey15
Mrs Rose's Strathspey26
Neil Gow's Strathspey17
Poney Race, The11
Sir William Blacks Lament31
Trip to the Camp, A23
Whisky Bottle, The30