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Lowe's Royal Collection

Published in about 1860, this second Collection repeats some of the tunes in the 1844 Collection, but contains many of Lowe’s own compositions, some dedicated to members of the Royal family.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here. Note this is an 18MB file.

Alloa Kirk48
Allt Ghiusach20
Archie Menzies26
Argyle Bowling Green23
Athole Brose46
Ayrshire Lasses51
Balmoral Bridge64
Balmoral Castle4
Balmoral Gillies50
Birk Hall20
Birks of Abergeldie,The24
Bob o' Fettercairn, The16
Bonnie Annie57
Bonnie Birks of Balmoral, The9
Bonnie Lass of Ballantrae60
Brechin Castle31
Bridge of Yare, The52
Caber Feidh53
Cameronian Rant, The27
Cameron's Got His Wife Again45
Capt Byng17
Charlie Stuart12
Cluny Castle5
Clyde Side Lasses28
Corimonie's Rant43
Court Frolics34
Craigie Hall13
Crathie Lasses70
Daft Willie Dawson42
Dainty Davie24
Deil Amang the Tailors7
Delvin House21
Delvin Side19
Drops of Brandy66
Duchess' Slipper, The28
Dunse Dings A'6
Edie Ochiltree63
Fecht About the Fireside54
Fife Hunt22
Flora McDonald19
Francis Sitwell32
Frank Walker65
Frolicsome Paddy O'Rourke36
Gair's Rant55
Gillan a Drover67
Glen Gelder50
Glen Truim18
Green Grow the Rashes O14
Harvest Home10
Hay-Makers Jig, The67
Heights of Alma, The68
Highland Donald Kissed Kitty47
Highlands of Banffshire, The60
Hill Head48
I'll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Toun62
Isle of Skye30
Jamie Gow, Crathie Bellman's36
Jenny Dang the Weaver11
Jenny's Bawbee43
John Roy Stuart25
Johnny Pringle15
Lad wi' the Kilt, The18
Lady Ann Hope14
Lady Baird's41
Lady Charlotte Campbell17
Lady Doune59
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay30
Lady Harriet Hope29
Lady Loudon22
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday31
Lady Mary Hope Vere13
Lady Mary Ramsay12
Lady Montgomery32
Lasses of Stewarton, The46
Lassie Look Before You44
Loch Earn49
Loch Erroch Side54
Lord Moira62
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The11
Marquis of Queensberry55
Merry Lads of Ayr, The51
Miller of Drone, The6
Miss Ann Amelia Stewart's27
Miss Drummond of Perth56
Miss Gibson65
Miss Lyall's57
Mrs Garden of Troup29
Mrs McIntosh of Raigmore8
Mrs McPherson of Cluny5
Neil Gow37
North of the Grampians21
North Port61
Original Country Bumpkin Instructions69
Original Country Bumpkin, The68
Original Index2
Paul Wallace61
Perthshire Hunt39
Perthshire Volunteers39
Pretty Peggy45
Price Alfred's64
Prince Alfred's64
Prince Arthur's First Jig in 185835
Prince Arthur's Highland Fling9
Prince Consort's Gillies, The34
Prince Consort's, The3
Prince of Wales, The33
Prince of Wales, The4
Princess Alice's Jig, The35
Princess Royal's, The33
Push About the Jorum47
Queen's Welcome to Dee Side, The3
Rachel Rae42
Raigmore House8
Reel of Cluny, The38
Reel of Tulloch37
Robin's Nest52
Sandy is my Darling56
Sandy O'er the Lea10
Sir David Hunter Blair59
Sir Roger de Coverley66
Teviot Bridge70
Title Page1
Torry Burn15
Tulloch Gorum16
Tweedale Club, The53
Waverley Ball, The41
Welcome to Your Feet Again23
Whigs of Fife, The25
Willie Blair26
Wind that Shakes the Barley, The44

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