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Köhlers' Violin Repository Book 1

The firm of Ernest Köhler & Son, Edinburgh, published in 1881-85 a series of small booklets of dance music, which were later collected and republished in 3 volumes, of which this is the first. They contain a wide variety of music from international sources, including some fine hornpipes. The editor was W B Laybourn. Facsimile copies of all three collections can be found at www.imslp.com.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (4.2MB).

Adelphi Polka27
Agnes Sorel Quadrilles31
Alston Hornpipe21
Annie Schottische62
Anybody's Hornpipe63
Athol Brose Strathspey4
Bank's Hornpipe22
Banks of Allan Water3
Beauties of the North37
Bishop Auckland Flower Show50
Blacksmith's Hornpipe46
Blaydon Flats Hornpipe54
Blue Bonnets23
Bob at the Bowster82
Bob Chadduck's Jig64
Bob Johnstone's Reel14
Bob Johnstone's Strathspey13
Bottle Bank21
Bridal March7
Burns's Hornpipe55
Cage Hornpipe72
Caledonian Quadrilles58
Calton Valse69
Cameronian Rant77
Capt Keeler's Reel38
Chambers' Hornpipe67
Clasper's Hornpipe36
Clog Hornpipe72
Clog Stop Dance59
Col McBain's Reel76
College Hornpipe35
Countess of Sutherland's Reel57
Craigellachie Bridge65
Craigellachie Lassies' Jig66
Crazy Jane's Reel42
Dean Bridge, Edinbro48
Deil among the Tailors44
Dram Shell Reel71
Duchess of Athole's Strathspey56
Dunce Dings A'38
Durham Rangers Hornpipe36
Dutch Polka75
East Neuk of Fife53
Edinbro' North Bridge Hornpipe50
Edinburgh Review Waltzes15
Eight Bells64
Factory Smoke Hornpipe5
Fairy Dance45
Fancy, The55
Favourite Jig28
Fiddler's Cramp Hornpipe67
Fife Strathspey34
Finch Bridge Hornpipe68
First of May Hornpipe35
Flowers of Edinbro'68
Forth Bridge, The11
Francis Sitwell38
Furioso Gallop62
Garb of Old Gaul1
Geburstag's Valse9
Gem Schottische75
General Garibaldi Reel78
General Garibaldi Strathspey78
Gillie Callum74
Gipsy's Hornpipe72
Gipsy's Hornpipe81
Glen's Hornpipe81
Great Eastern Reel13
Great Eastern Strathspey13
Harvest Home29
Haslam's Hornpipe43
High Level Hornpipe5
Highland Fling43
Highland Whisky37
Highlands of Banffshire77
Hon Miss Drummond of Perth82
Hop Bitters Hornpipe5
I'll Kiss the Bonnie Lass48
Inveraray Castle71
Irish Reel47
Jacky Tar55
Jas Soutar of Plains'Jig34
Jenkins' Hornpipe54
Jenny's Bawbee4
Jenny's Bawbee61
Jessie the Flower of Dunblane72
Jockey Dance36
John Paterson's Mare Goes Foremost41
Johnny Cope Variations46
Johnny Cope17
Johnny Millicent's Hornpipe42
Juliannu's Marcio Gallop10
Keep It Up47
Kemp's Hornpipe39
Keno Reel63
Kinrara Strathspey49
Lady Cathcart's Strathspey2
Lady Georgina Russell's Reel49
Lady Mary Ramsay's Strathspey44
Lady Rothes' Reel41
Lady Wallace78
Lancers' Quadrilles18
Laybourn McDonald's Reel71
Laybourn McDonald's Strathspey71
Loch Turret Reel, 17488
Lochty Bleachers14
Lord McDonald's Reel60
Lord Rothes'Strathspey41
Love Not11
Love Valse61
Major Graham8
Marcelia Hornpipe80
Marchioness of Huntley's Strathspey48
Marquis of Bowmont's Reel49
Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey76
Marquis of Lorne Hornpipe6
Masaniello Quadrilles24
McDonald's Fancy60
Medi Valse23
Merry Elves Schottische20
Merry Masons' March3
Miss Bushby Maitland's Reel4
Miss Gayton's Dance45
Miss Grace Menzies' Strathspey66
Miss Jane McInnes' Reel65
Miss Johnston's Reel82
Miss Montgomerie's Reel2
Miss Pole's Reel2
Morpeth Rant39
Mr Moray of Abercarney's Strathspe.pdf" target="_blank">Y57
Mr Thomas Jarvis' Reel74
Mrs Charles Stewart's Reel66
Mrs Donaldson's Strathspey1
Mrs Duff's Recovery3
Mrs Garden of Troup's Strathspey77
Mrs Gibbs' Hornpipe21
Mrs McLeod of Elanreoch's Strathspey4
Mrs Moray of Abercairney's Strathspey34
Mrs Taff or Bank's Hornpipe22
Napoleon's Corornation March40
Navvie on the Line38
Newcastle Schottische69
Newmaket Horse Race69
Nicolson Street Hornpipe51
North Bridge Strathspey61
Nothing will ye Tak' Man8
Novelty Reel37
Nut, The52
O'Shea's Comical Reel70
Old Ireland Reel47
Old Towler52
Oor Auld Gudeman is Noo Awa2
Orr Brigg Strathspey14
Our Native Home March7
P Baillie's Strathspey79
Pear Tree42
Port a Rhodich16
Pretty Dick Polka19
Prince Albert's Hornpipe73
Prince Alfred's Hornpipe50
Prince of Wales' Contre Dance27
Prince of Wales' Hornpipe51
Prize Jig6
Rachel Rae79
Reel of Tulloch17
Rights of Man Hornpipe6
Rink Hornpipe72
Rob Roy's Reel44
Rose Polka62
Royal Albert Contre Dance27
Royal Recovery Strathspey70
Ruby Hornpipe80
Sail in Boys Hornpipe64
Scituate Reel63
Shaw's Trip to London Hornpipe67
Sir Roger de Coverly26
Sleepy Maggie61
South of the Grampians56
Spanish Dollar Hornpipe39
Speed the Plough22
St Valentine's Galop30
Star Hornpipe51
Steamboat Hornpipe45
Stephenson's Hornpipe81
Stewart's Lassie 8
Stirling Castle29
Sward House Jig79
Sweetheart Schottische75
Sylvanus Hornpipe68
Timour the Tartar16
Tom Handford's Hornpipe10
Trip to Dublin72
Triumph Contre Dance29
Trumpet Hornpipe35
Underhand Hornpipe80
Victoria Valse33
Whistle O'er the Lave O'T74
William Tell83
Wind that Shakes the Barley57
Wm Young's Best Malt28