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Highland Collections

Below are listed all 587 strathspeys, reels, jigs, hornpipes and country dances in the Highland Collections along with their page numbers.

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4th of April, The - or Laing and Hendry's Birth Day143
Aberlour Rifle Volunteer March100
Acharnac's Reell - or Ba'l nan Grantich68
Airy Plover of the Heath, The, (Feidag ghorach an t'sleidh)161
Alexr Arthur Duff Esq.Younger of Muirtown's Reel153
Are you always pleased150
Arndilly House (Strathspey)118
Arndilly's Reell - or Rittac air Mac'homaich74
Auld Brig o' Don, The (Solo Strathspey)137
Auld Kirk of Macallan, The (Reel) 87
Ba'l nan Grantich - or Acharnac's Reell68
Bachelors Jig, The153
Bal n' Iden - or General Grant's Reell77
Ballendalloch's Reell73
Banff Castle37
Banff Lasses (Reel)50
Banks of Nairn, The (Reel)`104
Banks of Spey, The110
Banks of the Deveron, The10
Beggar's Bennison - or Thannie na buecht. horo80
Benrinnes (Strathspey) 96
Bha mi Nrior nam carisk - or Delachaple's Reel69
Bishop, The77
Black at the Bane (Strathspey)27
Black Strap (Reel)159
Bog in Lochan - or Lady Grants Reell68
Bonny Banks of Ugie, The (Strathspey)31
Bonny Lassie turn you (Reel)12
Bother, The - or Tibby Fowler's Grand Daughter (Strathspey)158
Braes of Boyndlie, The11
Braes of Elchies. The 85
Braes of Little Mill, The (Reel)27
Brahan Castle165
Brander, The (Reel)16
Bride, The - or Phit deubh75
Bridegroom greets when the Sun gaes tee, The124
Bridge of Ballindalloch - or Craig-a-Crochan (Strathspey) 90
Brown Hair'd Youth, The (Oigfhear a chulduinn)160
Bruarthar Feare Mulachaird - or Mulchard's Dream82
Buchan Maids are braw an' bonny, The (Strathspey)21
Callembruach (Strathspey)52
Caper Fey48
Caper Fey141
Capt H Munro of Newtown's Reel159
Capt. Young of Banff's Reel144
Carle can ye whistle51
Carolanes Purse49
Carron's Reell - or U Choira Chruim82
Castle Grant121
Cean Loch Alain - or Dutchess of Gordon's Reell70
Charles Leslie of Findrassie's Strathspey114
Chisholm's Reell, The - or Strathglass House83
Clinkin o't, The (Reel)24
Clurie's Reell83
Coigna Scalan - or The Dutchess of Hamiltons Reell70
Col. Alexr. Grant's Strathspey (or New Sweet Molly)131
Col. Grant of Grant's Strathspey111
Commin' thro' Kilbleen (Strathspey)17
Corhabbie (Reel) 87
Corrimonie's Reell - or Keam Dulnich76
Craig Elachie67
Craig-a-Chrochan - or Bridge of Ballindalloch (Strathspey) 90
Cullen House (Reel)111
Culloden House142
Culloden Muir166
Culloden Waltz163
Culloden Well142
Culloden's Favorite149
Cumming's Rant,The - or Reel of Tulloch, with variations78
Dainty Davie (Strathspey)57
Darnway Castle (Strathspey)125
Dawning of Day, The (with Var. by I Cooper)43
Dear Meal is cheap again (Reel)115
Death of Nelson, The56
Delachaple's Reel - or Bha mi Nrior nam carisk69
Dellagyle Pool (Reel)101
Delrachnay's Rant105
Deserts of Tulloch, The111
Don Side - or The Forbes's Rant77
Donald Simon (Reel)32
Dr Guthrie's (Junr) Strathspey20
Dr Ross of Dornoch (Reel)157
Dr Stewart's Reel10
Dr Wm Grant's Reell - or Shaun Truish Willihan75
Dr Wm Grigor of Elgin's Reel134
Dublin Key53
Duff House42
Dukers of Doon, The (Strathspey)59
Duncan Swine's Wife (Strathspey)24
Dundarg (Reel)7
Dungarven (Jig)21
Dutchess of Athole's Reell - or Tuggin tachi nul 'n Aird71
Dutchess of Buccleugh's Reell70
Dutchess of Gordon's Reell - or Cean Loch Alain70
Dutchess of Hamiltons Reel, The - or Coigna Scalan70
Earl of Moray's Reel, The127
Earl of Seafield's Reel, The109
Earl of Seafield's Strathspey, The108
Edinvillie (Strathspey)100
Elgin Trinity Lodge's Strathspey, The119
Erich buit erich - or Rise lazy Lubber74
Fa's sae merry's the Miller when a' his Pocks are fu'25
Fair an' Lucky34
Fairy Hillock, The (Pipe Tune) 96
Feidag ghorach an t'sleidh, (The airy Plover of the Heath)161
Feve feve Tunal Chie - or The Grant's Rant67
Finale, The (Hornpipe)35
Fir Tree, The67
Forbes's Rant, The - or Don Side77
Futterat wi' the gray tail, The (Reel) 26
Gallop to Kinross, A166
Gather and go (Jig)28
General Grant's Reell - or Bal n' Iden77
General Grant's Strathspey109
Geordie Afflick (Reel)168
George Taylor (Hornpipe)138
George Wright (Strathspey)139
Glassa House42
Glen Grant (Strathspey) 93
Glen Morisone's Reell78
Glengerrie's Reell83
Glenrinnes (Strathspey) 88
Good night and Joy be wi' you a'30
Grant's Rant, The - or Feve feve Tunal Chie67
Grants' Hornpipe, The 90
Griegs Strathspey51
Ha'd the Cradle Rockin (Reel)19
Hard to the bone (Strathspey)104
Harlequin Reel for the Violin, The41
Harlequin Strathspey, The (for the Violin)47
Haugh's of Cromdale80
Haughs of Cromdale, The (Strathspey)103
Henry A Grant Esq. of Elchies (Strathspey) 98
Hessian's March, The - or O if I were where Gadie runs18
Hey the hedrie Falie - or Miss Brodie of Brodie's Favorite126
Highland Wedding, Old (with variations) 98
Hills of Cromdale, The (Reel)103
His Grace the Duke of Gordon's Recovery118
Hon Miss Charlotte McKinzie's Favorite, The 165
Hon Mr McKinzie of Seaforth's Birth Day, The (Reel)167
Horuinn o u oro160
Humours of Cullen, The (Jig)33
I hae a lass o' my ain (or Mrs Grant) 91
I lost my heart on Friday (Reel)130
I think the Carlie's wud the night (Strathspey)29
I'll hae a Piper to my Gudeman22
Invercald's Reell76
Inverness - or The Northern Meeting164
Irish Lasses, The54
Irish Wedding, The53
It's nae ay for want o' health the Ladies gang to Pannanich (Reel)32
Jacksons Folly54
Jacksons Hobby54
Jacksons Ramble54
James McInnes Esq. Dandaleith (Reel)101
James McInnes Esq. Dandaleith (Strathspey) 95
James Morrison (Reel)138
James Morrison (Strathspey)138
Jarnovichs Reel51
John Cumine Esqr of Auchry's Strathspey11
John Hay Deldonald (Strathspey) 87
Johnny Lad (Reel)17
Kail Reets of Fittie , The26
Keam Dulnich - or Corrimonie's Reell76
Keel Row, The (Reel)119
Ketty O'Ferrel45
Killiecrankie - a favorite set151
Kilravock's Reell82
Kind Robie come again (Reel)25
Kinermony (Strathspey)101
Kiss the Lass ye like best (Reel)29
Knockandoe's Reell - or Tom Neam74
Lady Charlotte Campbells New Reel47
Lady Dunbar of Boath's Strathspey108
Lady Dunbar of Northfield's Reel19
Lady Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey19
Lady Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey121
Lady Gordon Cumming's Strathspey125
Lady Gordon of Gordonstown's Reel143
Lady Gordon of Gordonstown's Strathspey142
Lady Grant of Dalvey's Reell72
Lady Grant of Grants Reell - or Bog in Lochan68
Lady Grant of Monymusk's Reell72
Lady Hood's Favorite163
Lady Jane Montagues Strathspey154
Lady Mary Ross's Favorite169
Lady McIntosh's Reell71
Lady McKinzie of Coul's Reel148
Ladys of Dingwall, The (Reel)147
Laing and Hendry's Birth Day - or the 4th of April143
Laird of Foveran, The - or Pearlin Peggie's Bonny23
Lake of Gold, The44
Lament for Mr Thomas Grant, of Glen Elgin 87
Lament for Sir John Macpherson Grant 89
Lament for the Auld Gean Tree of Wester Elchies 96
Lament for the Death of Hugh Allan29
Lament for the Death of Jane Duchess of Gordon168
Lament for the Death of Lady Dunbar of Northfield32
Lass Amongst the Actenoch, The - or Nian a Bhodich sin rinattin75
Lassie an' Siller an' a's my ain18
Last Pint, The - or Pint leur chine81
Lay's of Lunkerty, The (Strathspey)64
Leiut. Col. Baillie of Leys Strathspey112
Let that stand there (Reel)3
Lethen's Reell84
Lewis Gordon164
Lieut. Abercromby's Reel37
Loch Madey (Reel)148
Loch of Forfar, The (Strathspey)7
Loch of Strathbeg, The (Strathspey)16
Lord Banff - dancing sett46
Lord Banff's Reel37
Lord Banffs Strathspey49
Lord Fife's Reell81
Lord Fife's Waltz2
Lord Fife's welcome to Elgin119
Lord Finlater's Reell74
Lord Lovate's Reell - or Paal Mor71
Lord Seaforth's Reell - or Thuar u Urrim chosen u a74
Lurg's Reell80
Lynn Burn (Strathspey) 95
Lynn of Ruthrie 99
Macallan (Strathspey) 92
Maclachlan's Reell81
Macleod's Reell77
Macpherson's Rant78
Mad Cap (Reel)158
Maggie gae back an' tak' up your Scullie20
Major Ray's Strathspey134
Mal ro - or The Monro's Rant80
March for the Clans, A144
Marchioness of Huntly's Strathspey, The129
Marquis (of) Willington152
Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The57
Marquis of Huntly's Reel, The129
Merry Lads of Clyde, The59
Mill O' Tiftie's Annie18
Millar of Drone, The (altered by I Cooper)65
Millers Wedding, The82
Miss Abercromby's Reel41
Miss Abernethie of Mayen's Reel40
Miss Amelia Mary Duff of Muirtown's Strathspey155
Miss Ann Donaldsons Reel46
Miss Ann Gordon, Heath Cottage 89
Miss Ann Greigs Reel46
Miss Ann Robinson's Strathspey144
Miss Anny Forbes Reel38
Miss Bettsy Robinson's Reel38
Miss Bettsy Wilson's Reel39
Miss Betty Forbes' Reel39
Miss Bookers Reel50
Miss Bowis of Inverness (Strathspey)156
Miss Boyd's Strathspey19
Miss Brander's Reel122
Miss Brodie of Brodie's Favorite - or Hey the hedrie Falie126
Miss Brown of Linkwood's Strathspey128
Miss Charlotte Ross's Reel107
Miss Christian Duff's Favorite167
Miss Cumine of Auchry's Strathspey3
Miss Cumine of Logie's Reel29
Miss Cumine of Logie's Strathspey28
Miss Dirom - dancing sett46
Miss Dirom's Reel41
Miss Dirom's Strathspey50
Miss Duff of Muirton's Jig127
Miss Dunbar of Northfield's Favorite - or Mrs McIntosh of Raigmore (Reel)11
Miss Dunbar of Northfield's Hornpipe - or Mrs McIntosh of Raigmore5
Miss Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey127
Miss Forbes's Farewell to Banff63
Miss Fraser of Stoneyfield's Reel105
Miss G Abernethies Strathspey61
Miss Garden Campbell of Troup's Hornpipe1
Miss Georgina Forbes's Favorite162
Miss Gordon of Shieldagreen's Reel42
Miss Gordon of Gight's Reel42
Miss Gordon of Nethermuir's Strathspey (orig. Miss Urquhart of
Miss Gordon's Reel135
Miss Graham's Strathspey48
Miss Grant of Elchies's Strathspey130
Miss Grant of Grant's Favorite120
Miss Grant of Grant's Strathspey121
Miss Grant of Grants Reell - or Rittal ar an Urlar81
Miss Henderson of Stempster's Reel120
Miss Henrietta Abernethie's Reel37
Miss Herries Forbes Reel42
Miss Innes of Edingight's Reel41
Miss Isabella Carle (Reel)139
Miss Isabella Reid's Reel59
Miss Jane Campbell's Strathspey115
Miss Jane Dunbar's Reel121
Miss Jane Gordons Reel61
Miss Jane Grant of Grant's Reel118
Miss Jane Stewart's Reel123
Miss Jeannie S Grant's Favourite 89
Miss Jeany Abernethie's Reel39
Miss Kelman's Reel33
Miss Kelman's Strathspey33
Miss Leslie of St Andrews Reel112
Miss Louisa Brown's Reel26
Miss Macdowall Grant's Reel118
Miss Macleod of Dalvey's Favorite16
Miss Macleod of Dalvey's Waltz17
Miss Margt. Gordon's Reel109
Miss Mary Grant's Reell84
Miss Mary Shand's Reel110
Miss Mary Urquhart's Reel40
Miss McMillan's Quadrille 94
Miss Moodie's Hornpipe30
Miss Munro of Dornoch's Reel117
Miss Nancy Robinson's Reel40
Miss Nicholson's Reel125
Miss Penuel Grant of Grant's Strathspey122
Miss Robinson of Clermeston's Reel3
Miss Rose of Dranie's Reel124
Miss Rose of Tarlogie's Reel122
Miss Rose's Strathspey62
Miss Ross's Strathspey107
Miss Sarah Georgiana Duff of Muirtown's Strathspey157
Miss Scott's Favourite March 92
Miss Shand's Strathspey110
Miss Sophia Cumming's Reel126
Miss Sophia Dirom's Reel40
Miss Sophia E Grant (Reel) 85
Miss Susan Brown's Strathspey26
Miss Sutton - (Reel)57
Miss Taylor's Reel125
Miss Urquhart of Meldrum (now Miss Gordon of Nethermuir's Strathspey)61
Miss Urquhart of Meldrum's Reel37
Miss Wedderburn's Reel108
Miss Williamson of Oldfield's Jigg114
Monro's Rant, The - or Mal ro80
Moonmore's Strathspey131
Mormond (Strathspey)8
Mr Alexr. Leslie's Strathspey104
Mr Allan Grant's Strathspey113
Mr And. Laughlan's Welcome to Banff64
Mr Brander of Pitgavney's Strathspey122
Mr Brander of Springfield's Strathspey119
Mr Bruce's Reel13
Mr Bruce's Strathspey13
Mr Campbell of the Academay's Strathspey149
Mr Chas Gordon's Strathspey115
Mr Duncan Forbes Duff of Muirtown's Reel155
Mr Duncan of Garmouth's Strathspey133
Mr F G Campbell of Troup and Glenlyon's Reel1
Mr Fletcher's Reel35
Mr Fletcher's Strathspey35
Mr Fortath's Reel107
Mr Gibb's Jig156
Mr Gillan's Reel4
Mr Gillan's Strathspey3
Mr H R Duff's Favorite167
Mr Jaffrey's (Junr) Strathspey30
Mr Jas Thomson's Strathspey113
Mr Lauder Dick's Strathspey123
Mr Leid's Reel15
Mr Leid's Strathspey15
Mr Malie's Strathspey, or Prior's132
Mr Matthew's Reel13
Mr Matthew's Strathspey12
Mr McAndrew's Strathspey111
Mr McDonald of Gordon Castle's Strathspey132
Mr McIntosh's Reel28
Mr McIntosh's Strathspey27
Mr McPhadden's Favorite114
Mr Meldrum's Reel, Banff146
Mr Morrison Supervisor Dingwall (Reel)153
Mr Niel's Strathspey116
Mr Officer's Strathspey5
Mr P Brown of Linkwood's Strathspey134
Mr Patrick Duff Junrs. Strathspey126
Mr Reid of Elgin Academy's Strathspey129
Mr Reid's Reel117
Mr Ritchie's Reel25
Mr Ritchie's Strathspey24
Mr Robt. Bain's Strathspey132
Mr Sinclair younger of Barrack's Reel115
Mr Thomas A Grant of Glen Elgin, Australia100
Mr Wagstaffs Favorite154
Mr Watt's Reel106
Mr Willm. Fordyce's Strathspey65
Mr Wm Eccles Favorite156
Mr Wm Young's Reel120
Mr Young of Maryhill's Strathspey124
Mrs Abercromby of Glassa's Reel39
Mrs Abernethy's Strathspey59
Mrs Alexr. Brodie's Reel114
Mrs Anderson of Kincraig's Strathspey128
Mrs Andrew's Strathspey152
Mrs Bremner, The Manse, Glenbucket (Reel) 91
Mrs Capt. Reid's Strathspey60
Mrs Col. Grant of Grant's Strathspey106
Mrs Col. Grant's Reel107
Mrs Col. Hay of Mayne's Strathspey128
Mrs Col. Sinclair of Forss's Strathspey117
Mrs Colquhoun Grants Strathspey62
Mrs Crombies Reel64
Mrs Cumine of Auchry's Strathspey2
Mrs Dingwall of Brucklay's Reel8
Mrs Dingwall of Brucklay's Waltz15
Mrs Doctor Abernethie's Reel38
Mrs Dr Nicol's Reel162
Mrs Dr Stewart's Reel24
Mrs Dr Stewart's Strathspey23
Mrs Dr Torrence of Thurso's Reel131
Mrs Dr. Stephen's Reel129
Mrs Duff of Carnucie's Reel9
Mrs Duff of Carnucie's Strathspey9
Mrs Duff of Muirtown's Waltz157
Mrs Duff, The Manse, Grange (Reel) 88
Mrs Duff's Recovery147
Mrs Ernest Leslie's Strathspey14
Mrs Farquhar's Reel31
Mrs Farquhar's Strathspey31
Mrs Forsyth's Pibroch (Manse of Abernethy) 97
Mrs Fortath's Strathspey108
Mrs Fraser of Belladrum's Reel113
Mrs Fraser of Culbockie's Jig112
Mrs Garden Campbell of Troup and Glenlyon's Reel4
Mrs Garden Campbell of Troup and Glenlyon's Strathspey4
Mrs General Stewart's Strathspey133
Mrs Geo. Abercromby's Reel38
Mrs George Stewart's Strathspey 86
Mrs Gibbon's Reel23
Mrs Gibbon's Strathspey23
Mrs Gordon of Aberdour's Strathspey8
Mrs Gordon of Aberdour's Strathspey57
Mrs Gordon of Cairness' Reel22
Mrs Gordon of Cairness' Strathspey22
Mrs Gordon of Moonmore's Strathspey133
Mrs Grant - Dancing Set63
Mrs Grant (or I hae a lass o' my ain) 91
Mrs Grant of Bught's Jig109
Mrs Grant of Glen Grant (Reel) 93
Mrs Grant of Laggan's Favorite116
Mrs Grant of Seabank's Strathspey103
Mrs Grant of Viewfield's Reel132
Mrs Henderson of Aimster's Favorite127
Mrs James Duff's Reel39
Mrs James Duffs Strathspey60
Mrs Jamieson's Favourite 93
Mrs Johnston's Reel112
Mrs Lumsden of Achindore's Reel167
Mrs Major Ray's Favorite135
Mrs Masson's Reel128
Mrs McInnes of Danalieth's Reel126
Mrs McIntosh of Raigmore - or Miss Dunbar of Northfield's Favorite (Reel)11
Mrs McIntosh of Raigmore - or Miss Dunbar of Northfield's Hornpipe 5
Mrs McLean of Borrowry's Strathspey169
Mrs McLeod of Geastow's Strathspey161
Mrs McLeod of Rasey's Strathspey162
Mrs McLeod Younger of Talasker's Strathspey148
Mrs McMillan's Quadrille 90
Mrs Peterkin of Grange Hall's Reel34
Mrs Peterkin of Grange Hall's Strathspey34
Mrs Professor Christie's Waltz 92
Mrs Reid of Kilcalmkill's Strathspey116
Mrs Rose of Kilravock's Jigg113
Mrs Rose's Reel38
Mrs Rose's Strathspey10
Mrs Rose's Strathspey60
Mrs Ross, Dowger of Kilravock's Favorite152
Mrs Seller's Favourite, Dunleigh House 86
Mrs Spence's Strathspey120
Mrs Stephen Buchromb's Waltz100
Mrs Walker of Urquhart's Strathspey134
Mrs Watt's Strathspey106
Mrs Wilson's Reel123
Muirtown House145
Mulchard's Dream - or Bruarthar Feare Mulachaird82
Mullonies Jig53
Munro's Rant110
Murphey Dellany158
My Bonny Laddie has my heart14
My hearty wanton Carlie (Strathspey)12
New Sweet Molly (or Col. Alexr. Grant's Strathspey)131
Nian a Bhodich sin rinattin - or The Lass Amongst the Actenoch75
Nine-Pint Coggie, The (Reel)9
North of the Grampians143
North Side of Spey, The (Strathspey) 95
Northern Meeting, The - or Inverness164
O if I were where Gadie runs, or The Hessian's March18
O if Jockey wou'd but steal me (Reel)8
O mo chuid chuideachda (O thou my choice of Companions)160
O thou my choice of Companions (O mo chuid chuideachda)160
O what needs I my apron wash13
Oigfhear a chulduinn (The Brown Hair'd Youth)160
Orton House (Strathspey)105
Paal Mor - or Lord Lovate's Reell71
Paddy O'Connor52
Paddy O'Rafferty55
Pearlin Peggie's Bonny - or The Laird of Foveran23
Peramble, The146
Peter Reid Esqr., Kinardy146
Phit deubh - or The Bride75
Pint leur chine - or The Last Pint81
Prior's - or Mr Malie's Strathspey132
Punch is done, The (Jig)6
Railway Hornpipe 88
Raza's Reell78
Reel of the Mearn's, The7
Reel of Tulloch - or The Cumming's Rant, with variations 78
Reel of Tyrie, The21
Reel, A 86
Reel, A 94
Reel, A 99
Riefield Lodge (Strathspey)159
Right Honble. Lady Saltoun's Reel, The5
Right Honble. Lady Saltoun's Strathspey, The4
Rise lazy Lubber - or Erich buit erich74
Rising of the Lark, The58
Rittac air Mac'homaich - or Arndilly's Reell74
Rittal ar an Urlar - or Miss Grant of Grants Reell81
Road to Down, The40
Robert Carmack (Pastoral Strathspey)137
Robin fill the drink about (Reel)30
Robt. Abercromby Esqr, M.P. (Reel)170
Rocks of Melross, The (Reel)14
Rothemurches's Reell - or Tigh ‘ndun73
Ruthrie (Reel) 99
S'irom trom a tha mi - or Sad Sad am I141
Sad Sad am I - or S'irom trom a tha mi141
San Rire va Vannich - or The Wedding75
Sanriar abhog a Fiannach - or The Sport76
Sarah Williamson's Lament10
Scurran-a-Morange (Strathspey) 92
Scurran-a-Wells (Strathspey) 85
Seme Rune Tallanach69
Shaun Truish Willihan - or Dr Wm Grant's Reell75
She's Sweetest when she's Naked (Reel)106
Shogalie's Reell84
Sir Alexr Macdonald's Reell72
Sir Archd. Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey1
Sir Archd. Dunbar of Northfield's Strathspey123
Sir Harry Innes's Reell83
Sir James Colquhoun's Reell73
Skirdustan (Strathspey) 94
Sleep on till Day170
Smilin' Katie (Reel)33
Smith he's black an' brucket, The9
South Side of Spey, The (Reel) 93
Spell, The (Reel)61
Sport, The - or Sanriar abhog a Fiannach76
Squital Bridge163
St John's Well168
Strathglass House - or The Chisholm's Reell83
Strathspey, A 95
Strathspey, A 99
Swiss Cottage (Ballindalloch) (Reel) 88
Teagues Ramble55
Thannie na buecht. horo - or Beggar's Bennison80
Thro' the warld wou'd I gang wi' the Lad that loves me (Reel)20
Thuar u Urrim chosen u a - or Lord Seaforth's Reell74
Tibby Fowler's Grand Daughter, or The Bother (Strathspey)158
Tigh ‘ndun - or Rothemurches's Reell73
Tom Neam - or Knockandoe's Reell74
Trafalgar, a Strathspey55
Trip to Sky, A (Reel)161
Trip to Strathbogie, A166
Tuggin tachi nul 'n Aird - or Dutchess of Athole's Reell71
Tulloch Castle (Strathspey)147
Tullochgorm's Reel69
Tweed Side44
U Choira Chruim - or Carron's Reell82
Up the Town in haste41
Up the Town in haste for the Violin47
Victory, The (Reel)56
Viscount Mandeville154
W Morrison's Compliments to Mr Scott 78th Regt Band155
W Morrison's Favorite145
Waggle Cairn, The (Strathspey)25
Warld's gane o'er me now, The (Jig)32
Wedding, The - or San Rire va Vannich75
Wester Elchies (Reel) 91
Western Harvest Home, The169
When will ye wed me with a ring2
Whistle o'er the lave o't76
Wild Irishman, The54
Will ye go to the Broom21
William's Love (Reel)6
Willie are ye waukin (Reel)22
Willie's drown'd at Gamry14

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