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Highland Collections

HIGHLAND COLLECTIONS brings together in a single volume the work of seven Highland composers in reprints of their collections originally published in the 18th and 19th centuries. As well as original compositions, they contain other tunes which were current at the time of publication, and open up an accessible resource for today's players and scholars.

The composers, William Christie, Isaac Cooper, Angus Cumming, Charles Grant, Donald Grant, James Henry and William Morrison, were selected on the basis of the quality of their music, and their work has been carefully reprinted in readable type. There are over 500 tunes, and an introduction from Charles Gore.

The book has 170 pages, and is available in soft cover and also in a limited edition hard cover version.

There is a brilliant CD of some of this music by Scots fiddler Lauren MacColl 'Strewn with Ribbons' - www.laurenmaccoll.co.uk

Soft cover - £15
Hard cover - £20
Postage and packing is calculated when ordering.

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