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The French Collection

John French, Fiddler-Composer of Ayr, compiled a Collection of New Strathspeys, Reels etc dedicated to Mrs Boswell of Auchinleck. It was published posthumously by Gow & Shepherd in 1801, "for behoof of Mr French's widow and children", which suggests they may have been left in needy circumstances. Much of the music seems to have been composed by French himself.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (700KB).

A Caup o' yer tippany Kate1
Auchincruive 7
Ayr Races1
Barley Broth 15
Barskemming Bridge 11
Countess of Louden 6
Cumnock Fair8
Gi' the lasses mair o't 5
Girvan Water12
Glasserton House1
Good Luck15
John Barlycorn3
John French's Compts to Mr Nath. Gow14
Kirn, The2
Lady Dalrymple Hamilton's Reel2
Lady Mary Hay's Reel2
Lady Mary Lindsay's Jig5
Major Logan's Frollick9
Major Webster's Delight7
Marion Dunn8
Merry today8
Miss Ainslie's Strathspey4
Miss Balfour Whitehill's Reel11
Miss Boswell's Reel 12
Miss Cuming's Reel4
Miss Georgina Mackay's Reel11
Miss Gordon of Braid's Reel10
Miss Hunter Blair's Reel2
Miss J Cumming's Reel2
Miss Jean Maxwell of Monreith's Reel6
Miss Logan, Ayr1
Miss Miller of Glenlee's Reel13
Monkton Lasses, The14
Mr A Oswald's Jig6
Mr Boswell of Auchinleck's Reel8
Mr James Boswell's Jig7
Mr Monro Binning's Strathspey12
Mr Oswald's Reel4
Mr Richd Campbell's Reel15
Mr Sloan's Reel9
Mrs Ballantine's Reel10
Mrs Blair of Blair's Reel14
Mrs Boswell of Auchinleck's Reel1
Mrs Boyd of Pinkie's Strathspey11
Mrs Campbell of Treesbank's Reel10
Mrs Fullarton of Fullarton's Strathspey3
Mrs Hamilton of Sundrum's (Junr) Reel13
Mrs Hepburn of Clerkington's Reel3
Mrs Hughe's Reel9
Mrs Kelso of Danhieth's Reel4
Mrs Muir of Caldwell's Reel3
Mrs Wm Murray of Polonaise10
My Laddie is a Sailor12
One Choppin Mair7
Parks of Eglinton, The14
Ploughman's Dance, The5
Ripe the ribs12
Send us Whisky9
Sir David Hunter Blair's new Reel3
Sugar Banks4
Sundrum House6
Weaver, The5
Ye ken what13