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The Earl of Eglinton's collection

Hugh Montgomerie Eglinton, 12th Earl (1739 -1819), Fiddler-Composer, showed an aristocratic modesty in naming his New Strathspey Reels for the Piano Forte, Violin and Violoncello Composed by a Gentleman and given with Permission to be Published by Nathl. Gow in 1796.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (1.1MB).

Mrs Montgomrie of Skermorlie's Strathspey1
Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive's Favourite1
Miss Jean Hamilton of Sundrum's Strathspey1
Colonel Montgomries Complements Return'd to Orangfield2
Miss Montgomrie of Annick Lodge Strathspey2
Quick Step of the West Lowland Fencible Regt2
Lady Glasgow's Strathspey2
Mrs Blair of Blairs Reel3
Edinburgh Castle3
Duchess of Manchester's Strathspey, The3
Falconers Lament, The4
Folkstone Camp4
Lieut Colonel Montgomrie of Skermorlie's Strathspey5
Miss Montgomrie of Skermorlie's Strathspey5
Mrs Fullerton of Fullerton's Strathspey5
Miss Maxwell of Monrieth's Farewell to the W L Fencibles6
Miss Grace Stewart's Strathspey6
Miss Margret Hamilton Sundrum's Strathspey6
Earle of Cassles's Favorite 7
Lady Suttie's Reel7
Miss G Mackay's Favorite7
Mrs Hamilton of Bargeney8
Earle of Cassles's Reel8
Lady Glasgow's Favorite8
West Lowlands Strathspey8
Mrs Montgomrie of Annick Lodge9
Lady Mary Lindsay's Strathspey9
Annick Lodge9
Miss Jenny Gordon's Strathspey10
Miss Jean Dalrympl's Strathspey10
Lady Cassles's Favorite10
Cock in the Air, The 10
Mrs Dundas McQueen's Strathspey11
Falconers Whim, The11
Miss Jean Logan's Strathspey12
Dance, in the Opera Style, A12
Mrs Montgomrie of Annick's Strathspey13
Miss Betty Campbell of Fairfield's Strathspey13
Mrs Ramsay of Barnton's Favorite13
Miss Wardlaw's Strathspey14
Air Shire Lasses, The14
Good Thought, A14
Falconers Twa Doughters, The15
Miss Madelina Maxwell of Monrieth15
Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive's Jig16
Mrs Alexander of Ballamiles Strathspey16
Miss Maxwell of Monrieth's Reel16
Mrs Blair of Blair's Favorite17
Miss Logan's Strathspey17
Lady Loudon's Favorite18
Mrs Montgomrie of Stair's Strathspey18
Lady Jean Dundas's Strathspey18
Lady Downe's Strathspey18
Miss Campbell Fairfield's Strathspey19
Mrs Muir of Warriston's Strathspey19
Lady Downe's Fancy19
Favorite March, A20
Favorite Quick Step, A20
Miss Adamina Duncan's Strathspey21
Miss Hamilton of Wishaw's Strathspey21
Miss McDougal's Strathspey21
Miss Christian Buchan of Kellie's Favorite22
Miss Scott's Favorite22
Chisholms Frolick23
Irish Shelaley, The23
Colonel Montgomrie's Marquie24
Towlers Lament24
Bade Malt Ne'er Makes Good Ale24