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The Duff collection

Charles Duff (c.1760-1822), musician and music seller in Dundee, published his Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Jiggs etc in about 1792. It includes a number of compositions by John McDonald, dancing master, Dundee.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (1.1MB).

Aldridge's Jigg37
Arbroath Assembly10
Arrocar House12
Braes of Aberarder Strathspey36
Caledonian Spaw7
Capt Charles Crawford's Farewell23
Capt Fife's Strathspey27
Captain Campbell of Ardgarter's March8
Captain Murray's March6
Card Assembly19
Castle Guthrie8
Corn Cutters36
Countess of Airly's Strathspey29
County Hall Reel20
Coupar Angus Jigg20
Craigie House21
Dod House25
Fairly Shot of Her35
Fairwell, The36
Forfar Assembly29
Glenkilry's Strathspey24
Gobi, The24
Hen's Nest, The15
His Grace The Duke of Athole's March1
Lady Burnside's Birth Day14
Lady Mary Ann Carnegie's Strathspey18
Lady Shaftsbury's Strathspey 32
Marian Dow34
Miss Agnes Willi's Strathspey32
Miss Aitken's Single Hornpipe32
Miss Amelia Hunter's Single Hornpipe15
Miss Ann Moir's Birth Day 28
Miss Betty Hunter's Reel12
Miss Betty Hunter11
Miss Blair's Scots Measure16
Miss Catharine Reddie's Strathspey33
Miss Clementina Stewart's Reel22
Miss Crichton Scott's Measure18
Miss E Bell's Favorite Strathspey31
Miss Farquharson of Baldovie's Strathspey10
Miss Guthrie of Craigie's Jigg29
Miss Guthrie of Guthrie's Strathspey25
Miss Hellen Bower17
Miss Hume's Reel14
Miss Hunter of Burnside Strathspey21
Miss Isabella Scott's Single Hornpipe16
Badgay House16
Miss Jenny Guthrie's Strathspey17
Miss Laird's Alemande27
Miss Margaret Moir's Strathspey9
Miss Mary Ann Hunter of Burnside's Hornpipe11
Miss Nancie Low's Reel21
Miss Ogilvy of Islabank's Jigg33
Miss Scott of Usan's Reel10
Miss Watt's Reel19
Mr Alexr Hunter of Blackness's Favorite Minuet2
Mr Alexr Menzies's Hornpipe26
Mr Douglass of Brigton's Strathspey37
Mr George Anderson's Strathspey19
Mr Grant of Glenquoich's Strathspey18
Mr Grant of Kinneard's Reel34
Mr Gray of Carse Reel22
Mr Hunter of Burnside's Strathspey30
Mr James George's Strathspey22
Mr John Smith's Reel32
Mr John Smith's Strathspey13
Mr John Stewart of Grantuly's Reel17
Mr Morison's Jigg32
Mr Patrick Duff's Favorite Strathspey23
Mr Robert Stewart Reel31
Mrs Allan of Errol's Fairwell to London30
Mrs David Gordon's Minuet55
Mrs Dempster of Dunnichen's Minuet3
Mrs Graham of Inchbrakie's Strathspey26
Mrs Guthrie of Guthrie's Strathspey9
Mrs Hunter bof Blackness Strathspey13
Mrs Laird's Hornpipe24
Mrs Ronald's Reel27
Mrs Walter Wemys's Favorite13
Musical Society of Forfar's March6
Old Reel of Tulloch Strathspey28
Parkes of Glames Single Hornpipe, The15
Sailors Dance in Capt Cook34
Samson Duncan's Compts to Chas Duff25
Skene of Skene's Strathspey33
The Cobler12
The Memory of Joys that are Past11
Thug a ‘mult a monnadh air36
Washer Woman, The20