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The John Clark collection

JOHN CLARK, Fiddler/ Composer, Perth, published his Collection of New Strathspey Reels & Country Dances in 1795, which he dedicated to the Musical Society of Perth. The cover bore the stern warning "NB. Such copies who are not signed & numbered by the Composer's own hand write are a Forgery, & will be strictly Looked after".


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (0.8MB).

Anderson's Music Shop10
Braes of Craige, The16
British Navy, The13
Broughty Castle21
Chaple Shade House6
Colnl Graham's Favorite4
Duke of York's Camp, The18
King's Birth Day, The19
Methven Castle10
Miss Betty Waterston's Reel21
Miss Dorothea s Cheyne of Edinr15
Miss Duff of Loach4
Miss Henrietta Duff's Favorite13
Miss Isobel Clark's Favorite1
Miss Jean Robertson's Reel7
Miss Jean Waterston's Fancy20
Miss Margt Greig of Quebec 2
Miss Mary Jarvis Reel3
Miss Nancy Waterston's Fancy20
Miss Ogilvie's Reel10
Miss Robertson's Favorite15
Mr Adam Robertson's Favorite9
Mr Danl McFarlane's Delight16
Mr Edward Warden's Favorite5
Mr George Christie's Delight6
Mr Peter Anderson's Reel12
Mr Peter Duff's Favorite17
Mr Peter McLean's Hornpipe3
Mr Robt Adamson Junr Reel14
Mr Robt Bowman's Fancy19
Mr Thos Jarvis Reel 1
Mrs Andw Sivewright of Edinr14
Mrs David Patrick's Favorite11
Mrs Greig of Quebec2
Mrs John Clark's Delight8
Mrs John Leister's Favorite11
Mrs Stewart of Binchill's Reel17
Mrs Willm Marshall's Reel9
Perth Barracks12
Potter-hill House8
River Tay, The5
Scone Palace18
Sward House14
Top of the Law, The7