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The Balnain Collection

The Balnain Collection contains 20 tunes from 19 composers from the folk and dance music scene.

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Compiled in 1997 by Balnain House, it represents the best of contemporary music within the living tradition. Sadly, Balnain House itself, the Home of Highland music in Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, had to close in 2001 because of lack of funding. It had an enormous influence in the encouragement of young musicians and in providing a platform for established performer. Most of the contributors to this collection have played at Balnain House, and will share fond memories of its great contribution to Scottish culture.

The list is like a Who's Who of Scottish music - in alphabetical order Freeland Barbour, Paul Stewart Cranford, Ian Crichton, Phil Cunningham, Ivan Drever, Alasdair Fraser, Dagger Gordon, Ian Hardie, Addie Harper, Corrina Hewat, Fergie MacDonald, Dougie MacLean (yes, it's Caledonia!), Brian McNeill, Gavin Marwick, David Milligan, Bert Murray, Judi Nicolson, Dougie Pincock and Andy Thorburn.

The music covers a wide range of styles, and is suitable for a variety of instruments.

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